To help you embed the Warp It system into organisational practice we have produced an embed guide. The embed guide is the most effective way to implement the system and achieve behaviour change.

Warp It is a new way to acquire and dispose of assets. In large organisations behaviour and policy change takes some time. The embed guide is designed to maximise the time taken and achieve behaviour change in the most effective way.

Main points to note is that a new system requires collaboration across departments, senior leadership and grass roots activity. The following tasks all contribute to this goal.

The embed guide is broken down into headline tasks and sub tasks.

The content is designed for admins to work through to get the system up and running.

At the end of each task there is a tick box- which the user needs to tick when they have completed the task.

To qualify for the Return on Investment guarantee all of the above tasks in the embed guide must be completed.

We have broken down the set up process for Warp It into steps. Dip in and out and move forward and back depending on your mood and time requirements. The purpose of the stages is to get Warp It embedded into your organisations practice within 3 months.

Pre set up - 0% (0 out of 3 tasks)
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Setting up - 0% (0 out of 7 tasks)
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Mini Pilot - 0% (0 out of 5 tasks)
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Release into the wild - 0% (0 out of 6 tasks)
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Post launch - 0% (0 out of 3 tasks)
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Reviews - 0% (0 out of 4 tasks)
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