Bulk Upload

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When mananging a large building clearance it can often be resource intensive to cataloge the exact detail and picture every single asset. If time is available to go into detail then this will work in your favour as it will mean there will be less minor problems later.

However, if resources are limited it is perfectly acceptable to estimate the number and condition of types of asset throughout the whole building and upload them as one record of that asset type.

For example in a building which housed 250 staff you can probably estimate the following

  1. 1 record -250x operators chairs, various conditions, located in XYZ
  2. 1 record - 125 x Left Hand radial desks, various conditions, located in XYZ
  3. 1 record -125 Right hand radial desks, various conditions, located in XYZ
  4. 1 record-250 under desk pedastals, various conditions, located in XYZ
  5. 1 record - 50 x whiteboards, various conditions, located in XYZ

60-80% of the bulk of items can be added in this manner. This can be done fairly quickly and easily using the “add another like this function”- see video here.

The remaning 40-20% of items should be catalogued with a “walk around”.

As each asset is claimed the number of assets available to others reduces until zero is reached. If numbers are estimated and there are actually items left over, the number can then be adjusted as stock gets low which then will reflect how many items are available more accurately.

The next resource efficient way if adding assets is to carry out a walk around. If there are many of the same asset to catalogue the quickest way is use the Bulk Upload Form. Count using a tally/ 5 bar gate system aginst each asset. Then upload each entry as one asset i.e. - 250x 1800mm desks.

If you desire more accuracy, a scaled down version of this can be done in specific parts of a building. The same proces but in a wing or specific area of a building.

Alternatively if there is time and resources the best approach is to add as much detail as possible, which prevents minor problems later. Catalogue each asset in each office/room and upload as separate records.

Add Another like this feature

The “Add another like this” feature saves lots of time. When catalouging items they often share the same parameters for example, the same start and end date, same location etc.

Top Tips

  1. When adding assets use the “Add another like this function” add the same typs of assets together. For example do all chair type assets, then do all storage type assets. This reduces the need to edit the records too much.

  2. For standard assets which are common across all institutions, there is a no need to upload a pic, instead pick from the photo library. This saves time.

  3. If you do have a photo, before you take the picture make sure that the resolution is not too high. Pictures with a high resolution take longer to upload and a high resolution is not really necessary. If you are uploading lots of records this will save you time.

  4. If you have the resources move assets onto the ground floor and group similar assets together. ie pedastals all in one room, desks all in one room, operators chairs in one room etc.